Danoz Direct - Effortlessly inflate your tires, Play balls, and more with the Danoz Direct handheld air compressor.

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Experience the amazing versatility and power of the EAFC handheld air compressor.

With an impressive 120W output, this portable air pump can quickly inflate tires, balls, and other inflatable items.

Conveniently use it wirelessly or with a cord, making it perfect for on-the-go inflation needs. The digital display allows for precise inflation measurements, ensuring that your items are at the correct pressure.

This compact and lightweight air compressor is a must-have for every car, bicycle, and RV owner.

Don't miss out on this innovative and efficient tool, designed to make your life easier.

Order yours today and see the results for yourself!


Wireless style(Rechargeable battery):
1 x Air Compressor
1 x Air hose
1 x Power cord
3 x Connectors for different applications
1 x User Manual