Danoz Direct - H2O Windows Cleaner/Vacuum Pro -The Handy Green Cleaning Dream! It's a Sprayer, Scrubber, Squeegee & Vacuum all in one!

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The Handy Green Cleaning Dream! It's a sprayer, scrubber, squeegee, and vacuum all in one.

Pro clean all the hard surfaces in your home. With just one hand you spray, scrub, squeegee, and vacuum the grime and liquid mess… leaving nothing but a deep clean behind...

Why Clean with H2O VAC™ Pro?

In today’s day and age, consistent deep cleaning has never been more important, and the H2O VAC™ Pro puts professional cleaning in the palm of your hand. Why spend a fortune on disposable dusters, mops, paper towels, and more? Use the amazing VAC™ Pro time and again on all of life's messes!

How Does It Work?

Fill the collection chamber with water, spray, and power up the H2O Vac Pro – your green cleaning dream come true!

Eliminate soggy paper towels and dangerous chemicals with the H2O VAC™ Pro; this powerful cleaning tool blasts vertically surfaces and sucks up the debris--so you don't have to. Goodbye mess!

  • Experience amazing results on any hard surface! Bring shine to windows, mirrors, tile, car windows, stainless steel, and much more.

  • Forget the mess! Farewell to spray bottles, cloths, and germ-filled sponges. With just a splash of water, you can achieve a spotless sheen every time!

  • Stop pouring cash into paper towels! The interchangeable, machine washable microfiber scrubbing pads make cleaning a breeze—allowing you to save money in the long run!

  • With H2O Vac Pro, you can quickly and accurately clean with just one hand - no messes, no fuss! Just push the button, and the dirt will stay neatly collected until you're ready to empty the container.

  • WHAT'S Included
  • H2O VAC™ Pro unit
  • a microfiber cleaning cloth
  • long-life lithium battery
  • wall charger
  • unconditional Pristine-Clean 30 day money back guarantee.