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Danoz Direct - 3.5L Ceramic Cooking Pot Clay Pot Japanese Donabe Chinese Ceramic Claypot Cookware Stockpot Lid

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Eco friendly clay pot is good to conduct heat evenly and bare heat up to 800 Celsius.
Good to use on gas stove, electric stove, oven and microwave.

Easy-to-Grab Handles
Large side handles make handling the pot easy. Even with oven mitts, we are able to easily lift and transport the pot without straining or fear of dropping it.

Slick Non-Stick Inside
Unlike a cast iron one, the ceramic dutch oven resists chip, staining and discoloration. The smooth surface makes it a naturally non-stick vessel.

Bring out the Natural Brightness of Foods
It diffuses heat gently and evenly. Made from high fired ceramic and feature thick walls and a heavy lid to ensure an even distribution of heat, and to lock in moisture for tenderness. It stays a consistent temperature throughout the cooking time. So the pan is a good choice for slow cooking. The food does not burn during cooking and all the flavors and vitamins are conserved. The lid has a small hole which acts as a steam vent and gives you a headsup when its boiling.

Package include:
1x ceramic pot
1x ceramic lidV324-HO-CLYPT-35LGREEN