Get daily workout done from your desk, Danoz Direct - A Seen on TV - Orbitrek MN Under Desk Elliptical Machine

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Tone Muscles & Burn Calories as you “Actively Sit!” Tighten & Tone Leg Muscles Burn Calories to Promote Weight Loss Boost Energy Levels Super Low Impact Movement

Fun & Easy To Do Improves Mobility & Circulation Exercise Anytime & Anywhere KEEP ACTIVE and STAY HEALTHY with the Orbitrek™ MN! Our compact seated ellipticals fits anywhere so you can work out while you sit at your desk or in your favourite chair.

Tone muscles and burn calories while you: Read a book Watch TV Talk on the Phone Even work at your desk Anytime you're in a seated position! This super low impact miracle machine keeps you moving as you tighten & tone leg muscles, burn calories, lose weight, and boost energy - all while you sit.

The Low Impact Orbitrek MN is perfect for All Ages, All Occasions, All Lifestyles, All Abilities With its one-touch “Turn & Burn” resistance, you control how hard you work. Turn it a little for an easy energy boost… or crank it up to tone muscles and burn extra calories!

Compact, Powerful, Advanced Exercise Science The secret is found in the naturally low impact motorized elliptical motion. It’s light on your body as it exercises your heart, and helps promote weight loss.

Two Way Pedal Movement: Forward: Fires glutes and hamstrings, Reverse: Tone calves and quads Experience a revolutionary workout that helps you exercise anytime and anywhere.

With low impact movements for a gentle, comfortable workout that helps keep you moving and motivated throughout the day. Get ready to take your fitness and overall well-being to the next level!