Danoz Direct - As Seen on TV - Experience an intense workout like no other with the Ab Doer 360 Fitness System - $200 Off, 5 Left

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Tone your muscles and burn calories with ease, in the comfort of a plush seat!.

  • Transform your physique with Ab Doer 360 - the only fitness machine featuring Ab Dobics, the revolutionary workout designed to tone muscles & burn fat.

  • Famed educator John Abdo designed the Ab Doer 360 Fitness System to help you get an abdominal and full-body workout without ever leaving your seat!

  • It's packaged with an easy-to-follow Quick-Start Guide & a Healthy Eating Plan that will help you succeed!

  • Exercise Comfortably - The dynamic fluidity seat helps engage your core while the contouring arms provide vital alignment to reduce pressure on your neck, back, and spine. The Core Support Column's ergonomic design activates your core and back to build strength and better posture.

  • This portable gym offers a compact design that gives you the freedom to use it anywhere in your home. Unfold the AB Doer 360 and transform your living space into your own personal gym. When you're finished, simply fold it up and store it away in a closet or under the bed!

  • Transform your body with AB Doer 360 - a home gym tailored for both genders with a 136kg weight capacity. Activate muscles, target your core, and enjoy a massage as you work out in the convenience of your own home. Use the AB Doer 360 and its diet plan for a guaranteed weight loss.

  • WHAT'S INCLUDED? This complete system includes an AB Doer 360 Machine, Motivational Calendar, Instruction Manual with Healthy Eating Guide and Hardware Kit; Everything you need to quickly and easily assemble and use. While hard work and determination aren't included, the AB DOER 360 will give you a major push in the right direction!