Safely Track your Luggage, Shipments, and Parcels with Danoz Direct - TrackimoLuggage - Global Tracking Device

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This reliable, patented tracker works out of the box indoors and outdoors worldwide, performing effortlessly to locate and protect suitcases, vehicles, drones, people, shipments, and more..

Featuring a move alert, speed alert, geo-fence crossing alert, and an SOS panic button, and powered by a faster, more expensive CPU and the newest GPS chip that consumes 50% less battery power, there's no better option on the market for global tracking..

Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee and customer support across the globe, trusted by Vodafone, Telefonica, UPS, and the US military.

Featuring four powerful tracking modules – GPS, A-GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi – you can now track limitless distances with no fear of reaching the Bluetooth range limitation of devices like Tile and TrackR.