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REDEFINING LUXURY: Experience the ultimate in technological opulence with the Danoz Direct - Xioami Pad 6 Pro Original Global Version.

Boasting a generous 16GB+1TB storage capacity and powered by Android 13 and Snapdragon 888, this 11-inch tablet PC delivers unparalleled performance.

With 5G connectivity, dual SIM card capability, and a stunning 4K HD display, the Mi Tab is truly a masterpiece of design and functionality.

Elevate your digital experience and indulge in the luxurious features of the Pad 6 Pro.

Pad 6 Pro
Powerful Bursts

Effortlessly pair and transfer files with the Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro, featuring a powerful Snapdragon 888 processor, 16GB RAM and 512GB storage.


With a 10000mAh battery, split-screen mode, and Android 13, this device embodies the perfect combination of luxury and functionality.


Powerful Snapdragon 888 Processor
Provide Strong Motivation For Productivity
Flexible Control of Multiple Usage Scenarios For You

10000mAh Large Power
Super Millet Surge Charge
Strong Endurance
Escort the Sense of Security


11-inch HD Screen
Features IPS Wide Viewing Angle Display
2.5K Ultra-Clear Display Color
16:10 Golden Aspect Ratio
Multi-Screen Color
Full-Link Color Management
Professional Primary color Screen
Refer to CIE 2015 Color curve Calibration

Multiple Color Options

8MP Front Camera
16MP Ultra Clear Rear Main Camera
Thin to 7.5mm
Light up to 500g

The combined efforts of strength and power yield triumphant results in this challenge, with steady wins and high performance coupled with low power consumption and strong heat dissipation.

The expertise of our team ensures your excellence is maintained at all times, allowing you to emerge victorious in any situation.


Comprehensive Acceleration
Fast Upward Acceleration

Game Quick Launch
Memory Freezing Technology
Make the Game Stay in the Background
For a Long Time
Significantly Increase Restart Speed

10000mAh Large Battery Capacity
Give You Long-Lasting Enjoyment

Plentiful and Full of Large Power it Has an Exceptionally
Long-Lasting battery Life Whether You are Watching a Drama
at Home Going Out for a Meeting or Traveling on a Business
Trip. The Company it can Give is Far Beyond Your Imagination


Deep Sleep Mode
Ready to Use Fully Powered

After Turning off the Screen For a Period of Time The
System Enters a Sleep State Further Improving Standby
Battery Life Even if Left Idle For Time it Can Be Turned on and
Used Immediately


2.5K HD Screen
120Hz High Refresh Rate

Every Detail on This Screen is Delicate and Eye-Catching
Making The Creative Performance Even More Outstanding


Strict Color Calibration
Ultra High Level Color Performance

2.5K Display The Colors are Colorful The Light and Dark
Intersect and Every Detail is Expressed Freely Light and
Shadow are More and More Exciting


Support For Dolby Panoramic Sound
Dual Channel Ultra Linear Speaker
Your Private Cinema


Quick Split Screen
Multitasking Quick Opening of Split Screen Mode More
Convenient and Efficient Office Communication

Experience efficient and smooth video conferences with the Xioami Pad 6 Pro Global Version.


The 8 MP front camera, equipped with an intelligent portrait function and light filling feature, captures every moment with clarity.


During meetings, the central character always stays in focus, even if others join or leave the center of the screen.


Plus, the lens perspective adjusts accordingly, expanding or closing as needed. Stay centered, even while on the move, with this highly capable tablet PC.