Danoz Direct - Japanese Donabe Clay Pot - Made in Japan - 3.4L


Japanese Donabe Clay Pot - Made in Japan

Donabe means clay pot in Japanese. It is one of Japan's oldest cookware. In Japan, hot pot cooking is known as nabemono, or?nabe, and cooked in?donabe, traditional clay pots.

Why to Buy this Clay Pot?

  • It is extremely reliable and comfortable to use.
  • Having access to such high quality as well as affordable pot in such expensive era is blessing.
  • It makes your work easier and cook food within short span of time.

It is simply perfect when you make your broth bases in advance. These satisfying one-pot meals can be customize for anyone (including kids!). Originating in Japan's Iga province, the earthenware pots are made of clay with properties ideal for heat retention and high temperature. Donabe is always utilize for one-pot meals in Japan. Manufacture with heavy ceramic to retain and distribute heat. Donabe is a traditional Japanese earthenware pot specifically design to cook hot pot dishes which also called "shabu shabu" in Japan.? An easy way to cook complete and nutritious meals quickly.

  • Large enough for a meal for 3 to 5 people
  • Traditional earthy brown finish with forest green accent
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in Japan

Medium: 24cm X 15.5cm , 2.3L, suitable for 2-3 people
Large: 27cm X 16.5cm, 3.4L, suitable for 4-5 people