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Luxurious White Free Standing Hot and Cold-Water Dispenser with Filter Bottle and LG Compressor

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Current price $584.95
Luxurious White Free Standing Hot and Cold-Water Dispenser with
Filter Bottle
True to its name, our premium range of countertop and freestanding coolers incorporates high-quality materials and optional filtration systems to guarantee the finest-tasting and healthiest water for your daily requirements. Crafted for versatility, these luxurious coolers seamlessly accommodate various tanks and bottled water options, ensuring access to top-tier water regardless of your location or preferences. With the LG (Life’s Good) compressor, renowned for its Korean excellence, these coolers effortlessly deliver both hot and cold water, catering to your needs on chilly and warm days alike.

In addition to the exceptional LG compressor, the opulent collection boasts several user-friendly features. These include a removable drip tray for effortless cleaning, LED indicators for hot and cold-water status, and a range of safety measures such as overheating protection, shock protection, a child-lock system for hot water, and stable, leak-proof support to guard against accidents. Elevate the aesthetics of your home with an Aimex Luxurious Water Cooler that not only provides pure and revitalizing water but also enhances the elegance of your living space with its stylish design. Seize the opportunity to own a striking and efficient cooler today.

Water Cooler Specifications:

  • Crafted for a Sleek and Elegant Aesthetic, Ideal for Elevating the Ambiance of Any Office or Home.
  • Stylish and Streamlined Design.
  • Equipped with Bimetal Sensor for Overheat Protection.
  • Utilises Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant Gas (R-134a).
  • Features a Virtually Silent, High-Performance Compressor (LG - Made in Korea).
  • Includes a Child-Safe Hot Water Faucet Mechanism
  • No 1 Quality Product
  • Weight: 18.0 KG
  • Cooling System:
    • Rated Watts: 80 Watts
    • Temperature Control: by Thermostat
    • Tank Capacity: 3.3 Litre
    • Cooling By: Compressor (LG)
  • Heating System:
    • Rated Watts: 450 Watts
    • Temperature Control: By Automatic
    • Tank Capacity: 2 Litre
    • Heating By: Sheathed Heater
  • Faucet: Push with Safety Button on Hot Faucet
  • Power Supply: 220V~240V/60 Hz
  • Dimension Without Tank: 310mm (W) X 340mm (D) X 980mm (H)
  • Made in Korea


Filter Bottle Specification:

  • This product boasts a silver feature, utilising high-capacity activated carbon for superior purification and sterilization.
  • It proficiently eliminates residual chlorine, bleach, pesticides, and other contaminants from water.
  • Additionally, the silver ions within the filter gradually release, offering long-lasting antibacterial protection to inhibit bacterial growth in the water.
  • The silver ions also play a pivotal role in safeguarding the activated carbon itself from microbial contamination.
  • Designed with a user-friendly structure, this product features a readily detachable soft core and carbon core. This design facilitates easy cleaning, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the filter.
  • The float valve is crafted from 100% food-grade PP and high-temperature-resistant silicone rubber, minimizing the risk of leaks even when exposed to high temperatures from water dispensers.
  • Simplified cleaning process for user convenience.



  • Too much iron rust, dust and mineral will shorten the useful time of the filter and slow down the purifying process.
  • The product should be placed in the absence of direct sunlight.
  • After two years of use, the quality of the outlet decreased obviously, please change the filter bottle.
  • Please do not overfill the water when the level in the bottom bowl climbs to the warning line.
  • Please empty the bottle when it has been not in use for a week.
  • Please do not allow the children to touch the water purifier to avoid the hurt by the purifier falling from the water dispenser.
  • Please wash the filter and bottle after using it for every 200-300 litre of water.
  • When the bottom bowl's water level is high and the top bowl’s level is low, the filtration process will slow down or stop. This is a quite common and normal condition so no need to worry.
  • The float valve should be washed every month to avoid blockage.



Filtration rate

0.3 L/M

Bottle Volume


Working Pressure


Optimum Temperature Range





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