Danoz Direct - One-Click collapse Portable Foldable oxford Bathtub Water Tube Spa Bath Bucket 67x62cm

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Pass on the benefits of the 10MM thickened lock temperature cotton, providing optimal heat preservation.

With a 6-layer thermal insulation and thickened temperature lock layer, this portable and foldable oxford bathtub is perfect for small apartments or houses.

Regular baths not only help eliminate toxins and improve physical fitness, but this tub is also spacious enough for both adults and babies.

Use it indoors or outdoors with the simple steps of inserting the six thick brackets for support, attaching the plastic protection heads to the elastic strips, and connecting the elastic strip to the edge of the mouth using the connecting piece.

Please note the 1-3cm measurement error and possible color difference due to display.

Always supervise children in the bath and note the weight and height limitations for safety.

This package includes the bath, pillow, and storage bag for convenience.

Take advantage of this innovative and versatile inflatable tub today!