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Danoz Direct - Paw Mate 148 x 44 x 84.5cm Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop 2 Storey Pet Cage Run

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Paw Mate Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop 148x44x84.5cm 2 Storey Pet Cage Run


Keeping pets like chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals can be a joyful experience that brings endless hours of laughter and fun. However, just like humans, these little creatures need a safe and spacious environment to thrive. Many pet hutches available in the market are not restful, lacking hiding areas, adequate space to run and play, and toxic-free elements that meet their welfare needs.

With our Paw Mate SIENA pet hutch, you can provide your pets with plenty of space to run and play, ensuring their protection and your peace of mind. Made from non-toxic fir wood and galvanised mesh wire, this hutch is durable, predator-proof, and insect resistant. Its spacious double-level enclosure allows for sufficient open ground floor space for grazing and exercise while hopping up and down the ramp can strengthen your pets' muscles.

It is crucial to keep pets cool to prevent heat stress, especially if they live outdoors. Our hutch is designed to keep pets cool, and it features a well-insulated and weatherproof green asphalt roof that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Additionally, the hutch provides convenience and security with a pull-out tray for quick cleaning and several lockable doors for safeguarding and easy access.

A joyful and thriving pet requires a cozy abode just like our pet hutch to claim as their own with confidence.

Tips for outdoor hutch

During extreme weather conditions or temperature fluctuations, move your pets to a warmer location, such as a shed, to prevent heat stress or hypothermia. Ensure your pets have full access to food and water, and never leave them unattended for a long period.

Exercise and enrichment

Regardless of the size of the hutch, it's not an option to keep them inside all day. It is a good idea to keep them in a fenced yard for exercise. Some pets like rabbits are intelligent creatures, they like to investigate their surroundings. Things like play tunnels, cardboard boxes, and chew toys can simulate their play and foraging behaviors. For chickens, it is recommended to provide dust baths, nest boxes, and perches to keep them happy.


Product Features:

  • Easy-wipe slide-out tray
  • 3 entry + 1 internal access
  • 1 ramp for exercising
  • Open playground
  • A cozy enclosed room
  • Horizontal slide latch locks potentially reduce wear and tear
  • Non-toxic
  • RoHS approved eco-friendly fir wood
  • Long-lasting and durable structure
  • Sloped asphalt roof for water-shedding
  • Galvanised mesh wire
  • Contoured edges
  • Easy to assemble


Product Included:

  • Storey Rabbit Hutch with Run Area
  • Assembly Guide


Product Specification:


Brand: PawMate
Model: SIENA
Main Material: Treated Fir Wood
Colour: Honey Red
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 148cm x 44cm x 84.5cm
Other Dimensions: Refer to the Dimension image
Weight: 16kg