This waterproof magnetic box is precisely engineered to securely store the Trackimo 4G/3G/2G GPS tracker -

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Boasting an immense battery capacity of 3500mAh, this waterproof box can house the Trackimo GPS tracking device and replace the built-in battery of 600mAh, allowing for a near-sixfold increase in battery life (up to 30 days).

Meticulously crafted, this box is exceptionally sturdy and includes a powerful magnet as well as slots near the magnet, perfect for attaching to farm animal belts, cargo, boats, and other costly mobile equipment..

By setting the 3G Universal tracker to track once a day, the 3500mAh battery life can be maximized, allowing for up to twelve months of use.

This item includes the box and battery only; the GPS tracker is sold separately. Measuring 63mm x 58.5mm x 42.5mm and weighing 150g, this product comes with a one-year warranty.

Also included: a power pack 3500mAh battery. To use, simply replace the 600mAh battery on the Universal Trackimo with the 3500mAh battery