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Danoz Direct - Ultrasonic Repellent Electronic Mosquito Repellent Mouse Spider Cockroach Plug In Device

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Original price $79.00
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Original price $79.00
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Current price $59.95

Elevate your home with the luxurious and exclusive Xiaomi New Ultrasonic Insect Repellent Electronic Mosquito Repellent Mouse Spider Cockroach Portable Insect Killer by Danoz Direct.

This elegant and high-end product, designed in collaboration with Xiaomi, is equipped with advanced features such as sound wave reflection and a smaller, more efficient ceramic board for a 50% increase in repelling effect.

The added night light function not only repels insects, but also has a unique design that minimizes disturbance to sleep.

With an automatic lighting management system and a coverage range of 30 square meters, this device is environmentally friendly and effective for repelling insects, mosquitoes, mites, and mice.

And with a frequency conversion design, it is multifunctional and able to cater to different animal sensitivities, making it the ultimate solution for all your insect-repelling needs.


Sonic mosquito repellent, sleep night light

Intelligent frequency conversion, ultra-low diffusion sleep light, mute, do not disturb sleep, radial sound, light-sensitive night light, simple design style

Immerse yourself in the revolutionary technology of frequency conversion and radial reflection, where the uninterrupted evolution of sound wave frequency renders mosquitoes powerless.


Experience a new level of sophistication and exclusivity with this electronic insect repellent, as it effortlessly keeps your space free from insects and pests.

Physical mosquito repellent, no radiation, no noise, no need to worry about health problems in the repelling process

Two functional modes, a new definition of mosquito repellent

Using 56 low-diffusion LED lights, warm white light, does not disturb sleep

Surround sound, no radiation, no noise

Light-sensitive night light, no manual operation required

Automatically adjust the switch of the light according to the brightness of the ambient light

One-button switch, compact appearance, suitable for various rooms and places

Voltage overload protection, smart chip, less than one kilowatt per month

Precision ultra-thin ceramic acoustic wave plate, safe and stable

Three colors can be selected, fashionable design