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Danoz Direct Marketplace - Free Postage - AfterPay and Zip Payments
Danoz Direct Marketplace - Free Postage - AfterPay and Zip Payments

Complaints Policy

Danoz Direct ABN 86 112 314 271 is committed to effectively, efficiently and fairly handling all complaints about its products and its services.

Danoz recognizes that:

  • Customers may have complaints about its products and services from time to time;
  • Customers have a right to make a complaint;
  • Complaints offer the opportunity to gain feedback about its products and services and improve the way it does business;
  • It may avoid disputes by having an effective communications strategy;
  • Disputes generally do not arise with any person whose complaint has been adequately dealt with; and
  • It must have a procedure for properly recording and handling all customer complaints, which is known to staff and customers.

Methods of Complaint

You may lodge a complaint with us by:


A Danoz Customer Care Agent will attend to all customer complaints.

If a Customer Care Agent is unable to resolve a complaint immediately, they must advise the customer how long it will take them to investigate the complaint and respond.

In the absence of exceptional circumstances, this period shall not exceed 5 business days.

If the Customer Care agent is unable to resolve a complaint, they must refer it to the Customer Service Manager. If the Customer Service Manager is unable to resolve a complaint, they must refer it to the Chief Executive Officer.

All Customer Care Agents must, in their interactions with customers:

  • Identify themselves, ascertain what the customer wants and confirm with the customer that their understanding of what they want is correct;
  • Be courteous and listen carefully;
  • If they cannot resolve the complaint immediately, explain what they propose top do to address the complaint;
  • Check whether the proposed action is acceptable to the customer and, if not, notify them of an alternative available to them; and
  • Not be defensive or argue with customers

Steps for Recording Complaints

When a Customer Care Agent receives a complaint, they will take detailed notes and record those notes into the customers electronic account file.

They will work quickly to resolve the complaint after investigating the issues.

Customer Care Agents must keep a record of:

  • The nature of the complaint they are working with;
  • The product or the subject of the complaint;
  • The outcome of the complaint; and
  • The response times.

The Customer Care Agent will attempt to resolve the complaint within 5 business days, depending on the nature of the complaint.

Cultural Differences

Danoz acknowledges that its customers come from a diverse range of cultural and often non-English speaking backgrounds. It also recognizes that customers whose first language is not English may need additional assistance to communicate their complaint and have it effectively handled.

If a Customer Care Agent receives a complaint in a language other than English; or a telephone complaint from a person who has limited English language skills, the Customer Care Agent will endeavor to obtain the assistance of a professional with the appropriate language skills to assist with the handling of the complaint.

Publication of Complaints Procedure

Danoz publicizes its complaints procedure to customers by publishing its Complaints Handling Policy on its website.

Danoz will publicize this policy to its Customer Care Agents and other relevant personnel by referring to it in the complaints handling system documentation and displaying it in the workplace.