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Danoz Direct - DusterMaster Plus+ - Effortlessly clean those hard-to-reach areas. Extendable duster Set Inc. 2 Fiber attachments

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Discover the incredible cleaning power of DusterMaster Plus+(TM), the ultimate extendable duster cleaner Set for effortlessly removing dust, mites, and debris from hard-to-reach places!

Crafted with durable non-woven fiber, our unique elliptical duster head is designed for maximum coverage and efficiency.

Say goodbye to dusty lampshades and blinds - our versatile tool is perfect for all your household cleaning needs.

With a telescopic handle and specially designed brush head, you'll have every nook and cranny sparkling in no time.

Upgrade your cleaning tools with DusterMaster Plus+ today!



Extendable Duster Long Telescopic Microfiber Feather Dust Brush Stainless Steel Pole Bendable Dust Cleaning for House Cleaning

1. 4PCS include : 2.5M Long,The microfiber duster set includes an extendable stainless steel rod, a microfiber dust brush, a chenille dust brush and a gap brush. Perfect for cleaning crevices, ceiling fans, high ceilings, blinds, sofas or your car.even if you are alone, you can quickly clean dust and cobwebs.

2. Flexible & Retractable:The reusable feather duster uses high-quality pp material and can be bent freely. The handle can be extended from 30 inches to 100 inches. extendable microfiber duster can reach corners and gaps that are difficult to clean or cannot be cleaned normally and It is not easy to deform after repeated use. The elastic opening design of the cloth cover is non-slip and will not fall off.

3. Super Dust Absorption Ability:The cloth cover is made of microfiber, with a soft and delicate texture, will not scratch the surface of furniture and walls, and has a strong suction force for dust.

4. Easy to Clean & Storage:The telescopic duster has a tail suspension design. When you are not using the dusting brush, you can shrink it to the shortest suspension storage. The head of the dust brush is detachable, just slide the top of the microfiber from the dust collector core, and then wash it with warm or low hot water!


Material: PP fine fiber + stainless steel
Package includes:1* telescopic dust duster
Size:2.5m/1.4m(Before telescoping 80cm, after telescoping250cm)