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Danoz Direct Marketplace - New Products Every Day - AfterPay and Zip Pay Deals..


Danoz Direct - Efficiently inflate your tires, bikes, and sports equipment with the upgraded Danoz Direct car air pump

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The C3012 model from CARSUN offers a high-pressure solution with its 12V electric tire inflator pump.

With the ability to inflate tires up to 150PSI, this pump guarantees optimal performance for your vehicle.

Despite being wired, it remains completely portable, allowing you to take it with you on the go.

Plus, the built-in LED light ensures visibility even in low-light conditions, making it perfect for any situation.

Not only can it be used for tires, but also for balls and other inflatable items.

Experience the efficiency of the 22-cylinder motor and the convenience of a 3M cable with this versatile and powerful pump.

Featuring a 22-cylinder movement drive, this portable car air pump will have your tires inflated 50% faster.

Thanks to the pure copper motor, the alloy die-casting cylinder moves at high speed, creating a surging airflow that can fill a R16 zero-pressure tire in just 6 minutes.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of this upgraded 12V 150PSI electric inflator pump for yourself now!

Cigarette lighter power supply

Plug in the cigarette lighter to use, the cable length is 3M to meet the whole car 4 tires inflatable.

Upgraded 12V 150PSI electric tire inflator with powerful 22mm cylinder block. One-touch inflation with increased accuracy and automatic shut-off when tires are full.

LED digital display with high precision air pressure sensor for real-time detection.

Suitable for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and balls. Faster than other pumps with 1-2psi error in test data.

12V 150PSI Electric Tire Inflator Pump with 3m Power Cord and Anti-Cell IC Protection.

Effortlessly pump up your tires at night with a built-in light that also serves as an emergency flashlight. Features a durable copper air nozzle connector, efficient heat dissipation design, non-slip foot mat, and insulated housing for extended durability.

Simply plug in and inflate tires with ease - start your engines and let the upgraded 12V electric pump do the work!

The Danoz Direct Corded Portable Car Air Pump is smaller, quieter, and easier to use than ever with a compact 20 x 6.5 x 5.8cm size, a 22mm cylinder, and a 3m line for inflating tires, balls, and bikes up to 150PSI.

Plus, its 12V voltage and <8.5V current make it more efficient and quieter with a maximum working time of 30 minutes. Say goodbye to noisy, bulky tire pumps and hello to this upgraded version that's perfect for all your inflating needs.

Experience convenience and power with the T3012 Inflatable package, complete with an Instruction manual, a Storage bag, and three Air Nozzles!

Color Name: C3012-1 air pump