Transform your gardening and car washing experience with Danoz Direct - WaterBlast Expandable Hose -

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Introducing the versatile and durable WaterBlast Expandable Hose - the perfect solution for all your garden, farm, and car cleaning needs!

Made with high quality rubber and featuring a unique black and blue bicolor design,

This hose is not only visually appealing but also adjustable, anti-abrasion, flexible, rewindable, and soft to the touch.

It's also easy to mount on walls and follows DIN standards.

Say goodbye to traditional and bulky garden hose reels - the WaterBlast Hose is expandable, making it convenient to store and use.

Get ready for a magical watering experience and Save Water, unlike any other with the Expandable Magic Hose.

And don't forget, it's not just for gardening - the included shower gun makes it perfect for car washes too!

Upgrade your watering game with the WaterBlast Hose today

Get the most out of your Danoz Direct - WaterBlast Expandable Hose with these tips: use in temperatures of 41℉ to 113℉, water pressure of 3-6 Bar, drain when not in use, and store in a shaded area.

Experience the magic of this hose with its 2-2.5x expansion in low water pressure and 3x expansion in high water pressure.

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