Achieve salon-quality hair in a fraction of the time with Danoz Direct - XIAOMI Mijia Hair Dryer

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Introducing the XIAOMI MIJIA High Speed Hair Dryer H501 - the perfect hair care companion!

With its powerful 110,000 rpm brushless motor, fast drying time of only 2 minutes, and multiple noise reduction optimizations, this hair dryer is sure to impress.

Weighing just 345g, it's as light as a cup of coffee and features 7 long air outlets for even distribution of powerful wind.

With a surging wind speed of 62 m/s, 5 times faster than traditional dryers, you can achieve salon-quality blowouts at home.

And with its intelligent temperature control, 200 million negative ions, and 8 blowing modes, this dryer is designed to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and full of life.

Experience the gentle and effective hair drying of the XIAOMI MIJIA High Speed Hair Dryer - your hair will thank you!
Powerful motor
Provide abundant wind
110,000 rpm* high-speed brushless motor, equipped with 7 ultra-long air outlets, can quickly generate a strong airflow of 62 m/s

Feel Comfortable Powerful Wind
2 minute Quick Dry Hair *
The high wind speed brings you an ultra-fast blow-drying hair experience. It takes about 2 minutes* to dry quickly. No matter how thick or long the hair is, it can be easily handled, which can save more time.

57C° Constant temperature and high wind speed hair drying technology, with more comfortable temperature and high speed soft wind dry hair, reduce high temperature drying, care for scalp and hair.

Multiple combination noise reduction
Wind noise tuning
After optimizing the motor vibration, dynamic balance adjustment and other multiple acoustic noise reduction methods, the noise of the hair dryer is reduced, will not disturb the family rest *.

Weight of a cup of coffee
The body design is lightweight, as light as 345g*, which is lighter than a cup of coffee*. The center of gravity of the motor is placed under the grip of the handle, the weight distribution of the whole machine is reasonable, and the hands will not be tired after a long time.

Three colors are available
Three colors, fresh and soft white, bright and warm purple, quiet hazy gray, with pearlescent texture, delicate and shining.

200 million negative ions* make hair full of vitality
At the same time, the wind releases about 200 million high-concentration negative ions*, which quickly neutralizes the static electricity in the hair, reduces frizz and curling hair, and makes the hair full of vitality from root to tip.

Intelligent and precise temperature control
Intelligent temperature detection NTC and microprocessor MCU, 100 times per second * real-time monitoring and regulation of air temperature, prevent overheating, protect the scalp and hair from the root.

8 blowing modes combinations
It can adjust 2 wind speed and 4 wind temperature, a total of 8 blowing modes can be switched freely. More can remember your hair blowing preferences, automatic memory wind temperature pattern, avoid the trouble of repeated setting.

Just look at the color to know the temperature change
The wind temperature visual indicator, the four-speed color-changing light ring moves with the wind, and instantly knows the temperature change, allowing you to blow your hair with peace of mind.

*Anti-sucking hair design
Double-layer microporous air intake net to prevent hair absorption.
*easy storage
The power cord comes with a cable tie, which is convenient for storage and management.
*Air collecting nozzle
Directional output of high-speed air flow to meet local modeling.