Experience the convenience of Danoz Direct Portable Oven Rotisserie Cooking. With a spacious 34L capacity and powerful 1700W


Embrace the art of crafting delectable dishes with the Danoz Direct Portable Oven.

Boasting a generous 34 liter capacity, this powerhouse can cook, grill, and bake with ease.

Its versatile heating options, including hot plates and specific oven programs, allow for customized cooking at temperatures ranging from 50° to 250°C. The oven also comes equipped with a chrome wire rack, enamel baking pan, and durable tray handle for your convenience.

With the added feature of a rotisserie rod, you can effortlessly create succulent roasts for the whole family to enjoy.

Plus, with a power of 1700 watts, this elegant and exclusive oven cooks your meals faster and with less hassle.

Elevate your culinary experience with the Danoz Direct Portable Oven - a must-have for any home chef.