Experience ultimate comfort and relaxation while on the road with the Car Electric Massage Back Cushion from Danoz Direct -

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Enhance your driving experience with the Car Electric Massage Back Cushion! This cushion provides support for your lumbar region, promoting a healthy posture while driving.

The electric massage feature further aids in relaxation and relieving tension in your muscles. Pamper yourself on every drive with this luxurious and beneficial addition to your car seat.

The Electric Massage Waist Cushion boasts a unique 75° posterior tilt design that supports your lumbar spine's natural curvature.

Say goodbye to discomfort and fatigue during long drives with the built-in massage function and soft, stain-resistant PU leather material.

This cushion also promotes spinal health by stimulating blood circulation, thanks to its human body mechanics-inspired circular massage columns.

With an input voltage of DC12V and 2 speed control function, you can easily customize your massage experience.

Available in black or red, this cushion measures 36*31*10cm and comes with a convenient one-piece packing.

Drive in comfort and style with the Car Electric Massage Lumbar Cushion.