Experience healthier cooking with Danoz Direct's 3L Digital Air Fryer! Cook your favorite foods with ease and without the need for excess oil.

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Introduce a healthier way of cooking with Danoz Direct 3L Digital Air Fryer. This stylish black appliance with exquisite gold accents offers a 3.0L capacity, making meal preparation a breeze.

With four preset cooking programs and adjustable temperature options, it provides convenience in the kitchen.

Say farewell to excessive oil and embrace a more nutritious cooking method.

Experience the benefits of this sleek and efficient air fryer. 

Simply add your ingredients to the 3.0L pan capacity and let the air fryer circulate 'superheated' air at 200 degrees Celsius.

The 3.0L Air Fryer is easy to control - just select one of the four preset cooking programs, adjust the temperature, and step away.

By eliminating extra oil, you can enjoy healthier meals.

Features: 3.0L Air Fryer 4 preset touch control programs Delay function from 30 minutes and up...