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Danoz Direct - [6-PACK] Johnson Scrubbing Bubbles Screen Wiper Sheets, 10 Sheets

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Quick wiping is possible immediately!
Ultra-fine prison captures stubborn dirt, pollen, and ash.
Replacement and clear printing for other customers.

Capacity:Approximately 140mm*220mm * 10sheets

Use Method:
(1) Spread the sheet, wrap it snugly around the head of the "Scrubbing Bubble Screen Door Wiper" wiper, and push the edge of the sheet into the insertion slot (4 places) to secure it.
(2) Place the sheet surface in close contact with the screen door and move the wiper so that force is applied evenly to remove dirt.
*Be careful not to apply too much force as this may cause the screen door to bend or break.

[Estimated usage amount]
*The sheet can be used on both sides.
Estimated cleaning capacity with one sheet: 1 screen door of approximately 90*180cm (both sides)

Storage method
After use, close the seal on the surface tightly to prevent it from drying out.
Do not place in direct sunlight, near fire, or in high temperatures.
Precautions for use
Do not use for purposes other than its intended purpose.
Keep out of reach of children.
If you are concerned about your hands becoming rough or will be using the product for a long time, please use rubber gloves.
The sheet dries easily, so use it immediately after taking it out of the bag.
Since the sheet does not dissolve in water, do not flush it down the flush toilet.
Keep away from fire.

Material: polyester, nylon, cotton
Liquid: slightly alkaline
Ingredients: surfactant, solvent, preservative