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Danoz Direct Marketplace - 1000's of Brand New products.. 10% Off on Any Purchase..
Danoz Direct Marketplace - 1000's of Brand New products.. 10% Off on Any Purchase..

Illuminate your outdoor space with Danoz Direct's 106LED Solar Light! With motion sensor technology and Remote control

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Original price $94.95
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Current price $71.95


Enhance your outdoor space with the 06LED Solar Light by RxZoA, featuring 106 LED lights for bright and efficient lighting.

The motion sensor automatically turns on the lights when someone enters the detection range, providing energy efficiency.

This waterproof light has three modes for customizable lighting, and its high quality ABS material makes it durable and heat resistant.

It can be easily installed thanks to the separate solar panel with a 5m waterproof cable, ensuring maximum exposure to sunlight for longer and brighter lighting at night.

With a wide detection and lighting angle of 120°, this light creates a bright and safe environment for passersby.

Don't worry about forgetting to turn it off - the combination of light and motion sensors takes care of that.

Plus, its IP65 rating ensures it remains bright and functional even when exposed to the outdoors for extended periods of time.

For optimal performance, follow the instructions for cleaning and placement of the solar panel.

With this solar light, enjoy worry-free maintenance

Danoz Direct - 106LED Solar Light Outdoor Waterproof with Motion Sensor Floodlight Remote Control 3 Modes for Patio Garage Backyard requires sunlight to charge, but will not light up during the day.
However, at night, the lights will automatically turn on and off thanks to the motion detection function. Our Separates Design ensures that sunlight will not be blocked, allowing for efficient charging.
Plus, the wall light can be easily installed anywhere. Other integrated designs are often blocked by sunlight and cannot be installed in as many locations.


Separate Solar Panel with 16.4Ft Detachable Cable

For Indoor and Outdoor Use

This outdoor solar light features intelligent induction with a 120° large angle for a wider range of illumination.
Even when installed 3 meters high, the induction distance can reach 3-5m. The light diffuses outwards at a 120° angle, providing coverage for over 30 square meters thanks to its 106 high intensity LED beads.
With 3 different lighting modes to choose from and a 135° rotatable head, this light is a versatile addition to any patio, garage, or backyard.
Plus, its polysilicon solar panel ensures efficient charging for continuous use.


Ready around the clock

Can work normally in cold winter or hot summer

Get the most out of your new 106LED Solar Light by following these simple instructions upon receipt: First, make sure to charge the lights in direct sunlight.
Now, let's talk about the three lighting modes. Use the button to switch between modes: 1. Automatic dim light at 50% brightness during dark hours, no motion sensor. Light will turn off at dawn.
2. Dim light at 20% brightness during dark hours, with motion sensor activating 100% light within 5-8 meters. The light will stay at 20% brightness for 20 seconds before turning off.
3. During daylight hours, the light will automatically turn on when someone passes within 5-8 meters and will stay on for 20 seconds before turning off.

Emitting Color: With remote control