Danoz Direct - See the world in a new light with Danoz Direct 5X magnifying Glass! - With 3 LED Light setting -

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Introducing a must-have for any avid reader - Danoz Direct's 5X Magnifying Glass Light.

Experience high-clarity magnification with our premium ABS frame, rubber and acrylic lens.

Measuring 300 x 135 x 25mm when unfolded and covering a generous visible area of 18.5 x 11cm, this ultra-thin magnifier loupe is perfect for reading books, newspapers, magazines, photographs, maps, and more.

Its 48 LED lights provide three different modes of soft, bright, and glare-free lighting to reduce eye strain.

With a sophisticated and exclusive design, this magnifying glass is a stylish addition to your reading routine.

Achieve precise and comfortable magnification with our 5X magnifier - a true work of art in the world of visual clarity.