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Danoz Direct Marketplace - New Products Every Day - AfterPay and Zip Pay Deals..


Experience unparalleled sound quality with Danoz Direct Huawei FreeBuds SE 2 Earphones. With Bluetooth 5.3 technology

by Huawei
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The HUAWEI FreeBuds SE 2 wireless earphones with Bluetooth 5.3 technology provide a seamless audio experience with stable connectivity and high-quality sound.

Designed for active individuals, the waterproof touch controls and integrated microphone offer hands-free convenience and clear communications.

With a compact and lightweight design, these earphones stay securely in place during workouts, providing up to 40 hours of music playback and 24 hours of voice calls with the included charging case.

Take advantage of fast charging with a USB-C cable, and enjoy the comfort and performance of these cutting-edge earphones.


Free power To be wireless and free
Charge for 10 minutes, listen to music for 3 hours, and be your commuting partner. When the headset is fully charged, it will last for 9 hours in a single battery with a charging box to provide 40 hours of long battery life, and it will be accompanied from morning till night.

Smart and light
Simple and pure white, injecting a touch of freshness into the ear. Single ear as light as 3.8 grams, smart and lightweight.

Lightweight and compact
The combination of 300,000+ear canal feature big data and artificial simulation analysis makes headphones and ears fit easily.

Reliable connection, stable and smooth.
Equipped with new Bluetooth technology 5.3 protocol, it is stable and reliable. Synchronization of audio and video provides an immersive e ntertainment experience, which makes the drama more enjoyable.

Sound is heard, and the quality is the same.
The selected acoustic unit has undergone 26 reliable and rigorous tests, and its performance is still stable and reliable.

Connect and pair, get in position quickly.
1,First opening box Open the box cover, and the earphone will automatically enter the pairing state; Put the headset close to the phone,Mobile phone a utomatically pops up.
2,Manual pairing Press and hold the touch area of the left and right ear handles for 3 seconds at the same time. At this moment, the white light of the charging box flashes.You can enter the Bluetooth pairing state, and the charging box lights green after the connection is successful.
3, automatic reconnection After successful pairing, it can be connected when it is used again.

IP54 dustproof and splash-resistant.
IP54 dustproof and splash-resistant, accompany you to indulge in sports. Don't be afraid to sweat, just listen freely.

Smart fingers, touch control
Built-in touch sensor, touch the touch area of the earphone handle to complete the instruction operations such as music playing, switching songs, answering or hanging up the phone, waking up the voice assistant, etc.

Color: White