Never worry about your phone dying on-the-go again with Danoz Direct Keychain Portable Charger -

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Introducing our powerful and convenient Keychain Portable Charger - a must-have for any Android user!

With a durable ABS+PC construction and a compact size of 7x4cm, this mini charger is perfect for on-the-go charging.

Equipped with a 1500mAh battery, it can serve as an emergency power bank to keep you connected at all times.

Choose from black or pink, and always have your phone charged thanks to this handy accessory.

Bonus: USB cable and manual for your convenience. Don't leave home without it!

Our keychain charger is wireless and it does not require an extra cable to charge your Android. The built-in port is easy to charge your phone at any time and anywhere.

Before charging the phone, remove the case and lift the charger. If charged while wearing a phone case, it is easy to loosen, which may lead to poor contact and no charge.

[Safe Charging] Our keychain charger is efficient and safe to charge your phone. It can avoid overcharging, excessive discharge, short circuits, and overload. When charging, the LED indicator flashes red and automatically turns blue after charging. It can charge fully at least once.