Danoz Direct - Kylin Electric Multi-Stew cooker 0.7L AU-K1007 - Blue


Kylin Electric Multi-Stew Slow Cooker 0.7L AU-K1007

Kylin Electric Multi-Stew Slow Cooker 0.7L AU-K1007 uses the method of water stewing to ensure the food is well sealed during the cooking process. The water stewing pot will maintain a certain temperature and pressure, which can better lock the aroma and nutrition, and can make the protein and other substances melt out better, so the food will be more original and the soup will be very clear, so it is very suitable for those stews. We guarantee you its durability and reliability. It is worth your hard-earned money because it makes the cooking process so much easier and also keeps your body safe from putting in more physical effort, and frustration and obviously will save you time.

Benefits of Kylin Electric Multi-Stew Slow Cooker 0.7L AU-K1007

  • Stew in water, care for delicate ingredients, no loss of nutrition
  • High-temperature fired ceramic liner, unique water-seal patent, tightly nutritious, and stewed with true umami
  • Stewed in the air and heated in three-dimensional surroundings to release nutrients more fully
  • Special Baby porridge function for taking care of baby food
  • 0.7 L capacity ceramic liner, perfect for personal use.


  • Power Supply: 220~240v 50HZ with Australian Plug
  • Product dimension: L18cm*W18cm*H20cm
  • Capacity: 0.7L