Danoz Direct - Kylin Electric Purple Clay Pot Slow Cooker 5L - K2021

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Kylin Electric Purple Clay Pot Slow Cooker 5L- K2021 adopts an Inner Pot made from highly-prized, authentic Chinese Purple Clay (ZiSha) used best for making soups, porridge, stewing tonic, etc. The porous clay is finely processed and skillfully treated. It contains minerals and iron, good at reducing fat content while making delicious food at the same time. Kylin Purple Clay Slow Cooker is made from unique organic unglazed Zisha clay, which has been produced for thousands of years in China. Different from other slow cookers in the market, Kylin does not contain any aluminum or non-stick chemicals in the pot. We are going to put over its amazing features that will help you differentiate this product from other local pots in the market.


  • High-quality of raw or purple clay, instead of heavy metal, harmful chemical coating, makes it safer for cooking.
  • Deep nutrition of food heated by three-dimensional heating functions.
  • It comes up with a 5L capacity that is suitable for 4-8
  • You don't have to sit near the pot to make soup, simply set a timer and keep yourself busy with other tasks. Its system contains a 12-hour Timer/Preset setting, delivering delicious soup at any time required
  • Fast/slow stewing enables food to meet different tastes needed
  • Power Supply: 220~240v 50HZ with Australian Plug
  • Product dimension: L30cm*W31cm*H30cm
  • It is durable, efficient, and extremely reliable to use


  • Model: AU-K2021
  • Power Wattage: 700W
  • Power Supply: 220~240v 50HZ with Australian Plug
  • Product dimension: L30cm*W31cm*H30cm
  • Capacity: 5L

The Kylin Zisha clay pot may easily crash during cooking because of several reasons. Here are the tips to use your Kylin Zisha pot properly:

  1. Please keep stirring during cooking to prevent cooked viscous food from sticking to the bottom including rice.
  2. Please avoid adding cold water to the hot pot (including cold water or cold ingredients in the cooking process).
  3. Please avoid adding boiling water to the cold pot (Please avoid directly using the pot when just taking it from the refrigerator).
  4. Please avoid taking out the hot pot and place it on a cold surface when the pot is very hot (such as marble or ceramic tiles).
  5. Do not directly heat the Zisha clay pot (Inner pot) with an open flame or any stove.
  6. Kylin Zisha inner pot is only suitable for Kylin Zisha clay pot.