Danoz Direct - Livemor Massage Chair Electric Recliner Massager Black Ozeni

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Elevate your massage experience with our Livemor Ozeni Electric Massage Chair.

Immerse yourself in the latest smart massage technology, which mimics the human touch to deliver a truly exceptional massage.

The extensive SL track provides full body coverage, following the natural curvature of your spine and extending to your thighs for a thorough massage.

With an automatic body scanning function, four full body programs, and multiple massage techniques and intensity levels to choose from, you can customize your relaxation like never before.

Plus, enjoy your zero-gravity massage while listening to your favorite music or reading an eBook via Bluetooth.

Please note that those with medical conditions should consult a professional before using the chair.

With its advanced features and 3 year warranty, it's no wonder the Livemor is a top choice for an unbeatable massage experience.