Danoz Direct - As Seen on TV - Bike Nook™ lets you store your bike instantly in a space-saving handstand position

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Bike Nook™ lets you store your bike instantly in a space-saving handstand position, freeing 3.5 feet of floor space in your living room, bedroom, or garage!  Now Only Available from Danoz Direct.



  • Bike Nook Bike Stand is a Freestanding Bike Rack - no need to drill holes in your wall to install hooks and anchors
  • Frees up to 3.5' (1 m) of space
  • Fits bikes with wheels sizes 18" (46 cm) or bigger
  • Easy to use upright design, means no more struggling to hang or lift your bike
  • Simple and easy way to store your bike quickly and easily
  • Let’s you keep your bike inside , ideal for condo’s, balconies, shed, covered porches, will not rust or leave marks
  • Portable, take your Bike Nook with you to the office
  • Assembled Height: Highest setting from the ground: 735 mm / 29" (76.5 cm / 30" total height), Lowest setting from the ground: 595 mm / 23" (62.8 cm /24.5" total height)
  • Width is 56 cm / 22" Depth 60 cm / 23.5"
  • Fits most mountain bikes, road bikes, racers, kids’ bikes, beach bikes, etc. with 18" - 29" (46 - 73.6 cm) wheel diameter.  
  • Width of “V” track is 2.5" (6.35 cm) and should be capable of holding the smallest road tire to the largest beach or fat boy tire
  • For the bike to be stored in a stable position, one need 3 points for gripping the bike


Package Depth (cm): 10.50 cm  Package Weight (kg): 2.70 kg
Package Depth (in): 4.13 in Package Weight (lb): 5.95 lb
Package Height (cm): 11.50 cm Package Width (cm): 58.40 cm
Package Height (in): 4.53 in Package Width (in): 22.99 in