Danoz Direct - Supor Clay Pot Gas Ceramic Pot Health Pot 8L TB80A


Product Features

  • Made of high-quality clay and fired twice into the natural glaze,Sturdy and durable
  • Lead-free, Cadmium-free, Arsenic-free, environmental friendly
  • Permanent Insulation, fast heat conduction, easy cleaning
  • Heat storage and heat reservation
  • Effective living water molecules, enhance oxygen content, soup is more fragrant
  • Handle & lid design - the handle design provides excellent heat protection, easy to put in and out, lids can keep food mature quickly and evenly and keep foods warmer longer.
  • Use range: casserole dish with lid suitable for gas, oven, electric ceramic stove, microwave oven,
  • Please do not use it on an induction cooker
  • Usage category: the cooking pot can be used as a soup pot, pan, soup pot, nutritious porridge pot, hot milk breakfast pot, noodle pot, electric cooker, ceramic pot, stew pot, suitable for making various foods, more nutritious and healthy, use safety and peace of mind