Trackimo 4G/3G/2G Vehicle/Marine wire Kit - Stay connected and in control of your vehicle or vessel -

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Experience a consistent and optimal performance with the Trackimo Power Supply/Charger; pre-assembled with a power stabilizer, regulator and safety fuse to protect both your device and car!

With a versatile input voltage range of 8V-35V, it can be "hard-wired" to a 12V plus and minus supply line. Measuring in at 2 meters (6.5 feet) long, and with an output of 5V/3A micro USB connector..

You can deploy the Trackimo Universal Tracking Device in vehicles, trucks, boats, e-bikes, motorcycles, ATV's, construction and heavy equipment, golf carts and more!

Remember, it's important not to use other (non-Trackimo) 12V to Micro USB chargers as they are not equipped to handle the heat generated inside your car.